Note: Since the article has been posted the MBL-9 been replaced by the MBL-28.

This is a reply from a recent purchaser who was gracious enough to give us permission to print her story with scorpions and her success in helping to eliminate them.

Hey, Erin! This is Andromeda Z here, blacklight customer. I promised you I'd give you a status report on our blacklight purchase.

We just moved to Chandler and have been having a scorpion problem. I have a 9-month old baby and two dogs, so of course this is a concern to us. It is especially scary considering the scorpions we have found in our house are the notorious bark scorpions, fatal to both young humans and dogs. We did a ton of research and discovered that pesticides won't kill scorpions, so we went a-huntin'. We discovered that the only way to rid ourselves of this problem is to control the population, and get rid of the food source (crickets, roaches, etc-which we did with a professional exterminator).

My husband went out, and on the first night caught 20 scorpions in our back yard. He went out the second night and found 6 more. Each night he catches between 2 and 10 scorpions. Lately, he hasn't found any, but we are thinking that has something to do with the recent monsoons, and they found another water source somewhere in the greenbelt behind our house.

We are so glad that we purchased the mbl9 blacklight from you. It is small and convenient for scorpion hunting, and oddly powerful for it's size. Those suckers can't get away from us with our blacklight! It's eerie how the scorpions are flourescent under the blacklight. Gives 'em away every time!

Expect to ship a ton to the Chandler area, as we intend to refer many people with the same problem to you. Folks just don't understand that it is the ONLY way to control a scorpion infestation. Thanks for making it so we could find you on the internet as an option for scorpion population control. I would have not known what to do otherwise. I sleep MUCH better at night now. We are still VERY cautious and have Poision Control on speed dial, but things are looking up.

Thanks, Erin.

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