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The mini black light MBL-12 has 12 uv led at 380-385 nanometers and comes with its' own tripod flashlight stand for ease of use convenience.

Use it to test depression glass, gemstones, pottery repairs, carbon stains on metal; ages of quilts, ivory and others. What's more, you can easily spot all these fluorescable items -- many of which cannot be detected by the human eye without the use of these black light lamps as they will glow in the dark.

Can be used to identify counterfeit money. Mark your electronics, computers, jewelry, antique collection with our invisible black light ink pen for security and if stolen for later identification!

Perfect for night Disc Golf or Geo Cache! FISHERMEN find your fluorescent fishing line and lures while night fishing our ultraviolet head lamp. Charge your lures with a black light.

SOLDIERS and CAMPERS can light up the desert night hunting and searching their equipment, tent and shoes for SCORPIONS with our black light led MBL-12 .

BARK SCORPION and THE HAIRY DESERT SCORPION fluoresce under ultraviolet light so they are easy to find and get rid of the black scorpions with the aid of a uv black light during the night. Used by desert dwellers in locating the STRIPED TAILED SCORPION!

Battery Installation:
Unscrew end of cap attached to the hand cord of the black light. Remove the battery carrier. Insert (3) fresh AAA batteries into the battery carrier placing the flat end of each battery towards the spring in each battery compartment. Load the battery carrier of the black light inserting the end with the exposed spring first. Replace cap and push the on/off button located on the very end of the light. Never attempt to unscrew the front end (led's) as it will cause damage to the black light.end as it will cause damage to the blacklight.

Remember our black lights are a powerful light and not a toy. Put all your black lights in a child-safe place when not in use. The Blacklight Shop says, your safety is always our #1 concern.

ARIZONA and WESTERN residents can keep their homes clean of scorpions and their families safe by buying one for each family member. Please look at the testimonials on our front page from other residents who have used the MBL12.

Scorpions are (more) difficult to eliminate with pesticide because 1) they do not groom themselves 2) their bodies are raised off the ground 3) they (mostly) do not nest.

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1. The best times to hunt seem to be 1-2 hours after dark. Early morning before sunrise is good too.
2. Just after it rains (at night) is an ideal time to hunt. As the rain flushes out scorpions.
3. New moon or cloudy nights are better.


1. Cracks in block wall, spaces between concrete block
2. On leaves/branches of low bushes (this surprised me)
3. Anywhere there is clutter/ river rock/
4. On surfaces that are not exposed to the setting sun, so not on west facing surfaces.
5. The bark scorpion can climb, so look high as well as low.


1. A good blacklight is essential.

Testimonial from a previous customer: (Please note we upgraded from the 9 led that we use purchase from a competitor years ago and began to manufacture our own MBL12... 12 led We have had the same if not better results.

My husband went out, and on the first night caught 20 scorpions in our back yard. He went out the second night and found 6 more. Each night he catches between 2 and 10 scorpions. Lately, he hasn't found any, but we are thinking that has something to do with the recent monsoons, and they found another water source somewhere in the greenbelt behind our house.

We are so glad that we purchased the mbl9 blacklight from you. It is small and convenient for scorpion hunting, and oddly powerful for it's size. Those suckers can't get away from us with our blacklight! It's eerie how the scorpions are flourescent under the blacklight. Gives 'em away every time!

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